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Our 1st Holiday – Part 3 (Safari)

After a quiet day on the beach on Tuesday we decided to head off to A place called Selwo Adventure which we were fold was a great day out for everyone at a safari park.

We looked it up and it looked pretty good so we thought we’d have a day out there.

As we pulled up to the park it looked lovely but there was very few cars in the car park but as it was quite early we guessed that was normal. To get into the park for 4 adults, one 4 year old and a 16 month old was 115Euros!!!! but we’d come this far so ahead we went.

As soon as we had got it we had a group photo taken which every place seems to do. We had a look around and then got told the first safari ride was going to start so we headed off to the truck. We went around and saw some lovely animals and then got dropped off at the first point and told to look around.

At this point we looked around and saw the elephants, lions and giraffes. We also got our hands on a crepe but noticed the gift shop was closed and asked a guy there and he said just the main shop was open.

After looking around we went on the final safari ride and went into the hills and saw the bears and tigers and looked right over to Gibraltar. The guide told us there was a restaurant but everyone on the truck said we’d go to the main restaurant at the beginning.

Once we’d finished the safari we walked down to the main entrance to look at the gift shop and also there was meant to be a play ground for Aly which she had been looking forward to all morning.

When we got to the front we was greeted by a closed restaurant so we once again asked a member of staff and they said the only restaurant open was the one at the top. To say we weren’t happy was an understatement as it was now 1.30pm and the girls hadn’t eaten. When we was at the top the guide never once said this was the only place open. We then looked for the gift shop which was totally unmanned not a single member of staff in the shop and no where to see the entrance photos.

Instead of spending another 45mins getting back up to the top we said we’d get something on the way back but first we’d play in the park to please Aly. Well we found it but it was so bad and nothing there Aly burst into tears and said this was rubbish.

We left very quickly after that. And to think we paid 115Euros for that.

If you’re thinking of visiting the Selwo Adventure Park I wouldn’t bother.

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Orchard Toys Competition

Orchard Toys do a brilliant range of games and puzzles that both of my girls love playing and so I have decided to share their great games with you so hopefully your children will enjoy them too.

There is 5 games up for grabs to one lucky winner.

Shopping List

Ages: 3-7

Players: 2-4

Race to fill your trolley!

Be the first to fill your trolley with all of the items on your shopping list, in our best-selling memory game.

Pop to the Shops

Ages: 5-9

Players: 2-4

A fun shopping game

Help children learn about handling money and giving change, by playing this fun shopping game.  Go around the board from shop to shop, using plastic money to buy lots of different items.

Bus Stop

Ages: 4-8

Players: 2-4

Pick up the passengers as you go!

A fun addition and subtraction game.  Take a counter and throw the two dice to move around the board, counting passengers on and off your big bright bus.  The winner is the player with the most passengers when their bus finally arrives at the bus station.

Tell the Time

Ages: 5

Players: 2-4

A ‘learn the time’ lotto

Say the time aloud and try to make a match on your action-packed playing boards.  Children learn and develop skills with analogue and digital times.

Crazy Chefs

Ages: 3-7

Players: 2-5

Play with your food !

Join the chefs in the crazy kitchen and collect everything they need to make a meal.  Then grab your plate and wait for your dish to cook! Will you be the first to serve up a tasty treat ?

How to enter

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  • Tweet the following – Hey! @onedad3girls is running an awesome giveaway. You should check out this giveaway option is mandatory
  •  Tell me which is your favorite game to play with your children in the comments section.

The competition will end on April 11th at 8pm UK time.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Orchard Toys. We hereby release Orchard Toys of any liability. Winner(s) will be contacted by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends.

City of Friends

City of Friends is the beautifully animated pre-school TV show that’s turned into something of a global phenomenon. Originally from Norway, City of Friends is now airing in more than 150 countries around the world!

Currently on Channel Five’s Milkshake! the series centres around the three emergency teams – Police, Ambulance and Fire – and the three friends, Max the police officer, Elphie the fire officer and Ted the paramedic who work together to solve problems and help people around their city.

Max is everyone’s friend and the city’s mischief-maker. The children in the city think he is the coolest and the funniest in the whole city. Elphie is a bubbly and adventure-loving elephant. Her impressive trunk and its water-shooting abilities make her a natural fire-fighter. Ted the caring young teddy bear, is starting his life in the ambulance service. He’s very popular and offers great comfort to people in need, providing reassurance with his cuddly warmth.

Cooperation, friendship, tolerance, knowledge, activity and fun are the key words which apply to the residents in the City. The series sparks the imagination with exciting, playful story-lines which are entertaining and teach very gentle, but valuable life-lessons along the way.

City of Friends trailer

The inspiration for the stories came from creator Carl Christian Hamre’s own day job working as a member of Norway’s state police. “One evening I told my son a bedtime story about the three emergency services; how they work together to solve the challenges and problems they are called out to. However, this time, I replaced myself and my colleagues, with people and animals in the emergency services, and City of Friends was born.”

City of Friends airs weekdays on Channel Five’s Milkshake! at 6.20am every day. To see the rest of the characters and some clips head over to the City of Friends website and the Facebook page to find out more information.

Meal Planning Monday 19th March

Please be gentle this is my first attempt at Meal Planning Monday.

This week we are trying to save a bit of money as it has been an expensive month.

Jacket Potatoes


Stir Fry

Sausage, Egg and chips

Scampi and chips

Salmon and egg salad

It may not be the most adventurous set of meals for the week but with all the other bit the shopping only came to £70 which for us is very good.

Fingers crossed as the weeks go on my posts will improve.

For more ideas and to see more Meal Planning Mondays please visit At Home with Mrs M


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